Living by the ocean for most of my life,

I have seen a lot of things end up at the beach that really don’t belong there.

Tiny fragments of plastic are eaten by birds and other wildlife. Fish and large swimming mammals mistake plastic baggies for food, which eventually clog their digestive systems and cause fatal starvation. Food webs are threatened and environments are littered. It’s just not the way it should be.

Wild & Earthy was started to give people a planet-friendly choice for their lunchboxes, refrigerators, and food-keeping needs. Beeswax and organic cotton have become the materials of choice for an earth-conscious food storage solution. So switch the plastic for some reusable, biodegradable, sustainable beeswax wraps; the earth-loving, food-keeping solution.

We thank you, and so does the Planet.

Do You Know…

1. The average family uses 500 plastic bags each year just for lunches. With links made between plastic use and negative health effects from endocrine disrupting chemicals such as BPA and phthalates, wrapping food in plastic is risky for your health.

2. 20 million sandwich bags are disposed of daily, adding to already overburdened disposal sites. For bags that don’t make it into a trash receptacle, they may find their way into the environment and water sources, creating hazards for wildlife.

3. The Great Plastic Garbage Patch is an enormous collection of marine debris mostly consisting of plastics which break into smaller pieces and threaten ocean food webs and animals. Scientists agree that eliminating the use of disposable plastic items and increasing the utilization of biodegradable resources will be the most important way to keep the Pacific Garbage Patch from growing.