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Rosemary: Beneficial Botanical for Bees, and the Humans Who Love Them

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Rosemarinus officinalis

Also known as Rosemary, this herb is an amazing source of food for pollinators and people both. Nicknamed “Rose-of-the-Sea”, likely due to it’s common coastal habitat, Rosemary has been a favorite plant throughout the ages.  Historically, Rosemary has been esteemed for it’s mentally clarifying  and memory-boosting effects.

The essential oil of Rosmarinus officinalis has been studied and observed to impart many health-promoting benefits, such as for the treatment of certain skin conditions and even pain relief (Petersen, D. (2016).

*Please consult your favorite alternative health care provider before administering any herbs, including Rosemary, as remedies for health conditions.

Bees Love Rosemary

Besides it’s history of supporting human health, Rosemary is marvelous for our winged pollinating friends. With its prolific blossoms and seemingly endless bloom time, this plant scores big among honeybees, providing food even in the early months of winter when other flowers are  scarce.

What You Can Do

Pick up a few organic Rosmarinus officinalis plants from your local, family-owned nursery (or propogate yourself from a few cuttings off of your neighbors plant, just be sure to ask first!), and plant in the ground or pots  for a feast that is sure to attract flying honeybees for many months out of the year. Not only will you be supporting the pollinators by improving their habitat, but you’ll also have a source of fresh Rosemary for your culinary creations right outside of  your door!


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