While disposable plastic bags may only cost a few dollars for dozens, there are hidden costs to the planet and to your health. Food storage is about more than momentary convenience, with environmental and health impacts factoring into the shopping equation as well.

It’s our great hope and divine mission at Wild & Earthy to do what we can, to be the change, and to bring awareness to more sustainable ways of food-keeping. Beeswax and organic cotton have become our materials of choice for an earth-conscious food storage solution.

Buying beeswax wraps and bags tells the world that you are loving up the planet and doing your part; because a clean conscience is invaluable, just like our Earth.

Made of organic cotton and beeswax, Wild & Earthy reusable beeswax food wraps and bags are a sustainable and health-minded alternative to plastic. Lively organic cotton prints painted with beeswax add color and consciousness to lunches, picnics, potlucks, and the kitchen table.

Surround sandwiches, cover casseroles, save salads, and protect pies and produce with ecologically mindful food wraps. Add snacks, veggies, and bulk groceries to beeswax bags instead of plastic, for a food storage solution that you and the Earth can live with.